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We Develop Passion and Purpose in Your Organization.

We Diagnose, Evaluate and Intervene within your organization to increase productivity and create a healthy work environment.

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We Feel Passionate

We want to be a part of your Institutional Change Process.

We feel passionate about providing meaningful improvements for our customers. We achieve this by creating custom-made interventions which are both Profitable & Human. We assist you in the development of a Healthy Work Climate and engaged employees.

Organizational Development is a systemic intervention that improves internal and external relations. Some of the benefits of implementing an OD program include better Efficiency, better Productivity, and better Planning.

At BLUM, we understand organizations as a system. We know every area is interconnected. We align Vision, Values, and Policies to develop committed employees.

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  • Organizational Development Consultancy

    We generate action plans alongside management to align organizational goals with the staff.

  • Organizational Climate and Culture Diagnosis

    We analyze the culture and the organizational climate to strategize action plans that contribute to corporate goals.

  • Executive, Team and Life Coaching

    We develop competencies in our coachees to improve their work relations, conflict management and improve their leadership skills.

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Work & Wellness

We design strategies that foster a healthy work environment, improve employee life quality and performance.

Team Alignment

We align work teams with systemic coaching techniques to achieve internal collaboration and external competitiveness.

MBTI & Team Building

We use the MBTI instrument to identify individual strengths and development areas for collaborators and teams.

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Some of Our Tools

MBTI Certified BLUM


Myers-Briggs personality indicator is a development tool used by most Fortune 100 companies. MBTI supports team integration through self-awareness and teammate recognition. It provides resources for effective decision making.
Amitai BLUM


AMITAI is a set of different evaluation tools. It has been validated by experts in every country where used. AMITAI measures anti-productive tendencies and current competencies to identify the right position for current employees and new hires.

Head Hunting

We bring together people and companies

We help people and businesses find passion and purpose in a new work opportunity. We do this by creating the right connections between candidates and our customers.

We specialize in rectruiting Mid and Top Management positions for manufacturing, industrial, financial and consumption industries. Our influence area covers Mexico City and the Bajio Area.

Our Process:

  • Understand the needs of the position.
  • Comprehend and refine the profile.
  • Know the company's culture.
  • Connect businesses and people.

Our Certifications

Organizational Psychology.

Systemic Counselling Certification.

MBTI and Team Building Certification.

International Coaching Certification.

Team Allignment Certification.

The Only way to change an organization is through its culture. To do so, it is necessary to implement a change process. Development is achieved through the transformation of life and belief systems, and accepted ways to relate amongst people.


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